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Tips to Deal with Asthma in Monsoon

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We all wait eagerly for rains to enjoy the weather and alter their gloomy mood but there is a chunk of people who fear this monsoon season. The season does not come alone, it comes along with chronic cough, cold, and other severe diseases.

Worst above all it is a curse for people who suffer from Asthma. During monsoon, the humidity in the air, cold breeze, and cold environment startle the Asthma attack. The dampness in the environment helps allergens like dust mites that cause allergy to the Asthma Patient, which can sometimes lead to Asthma attacks also.

To help all those Asthmatic patients, here are Few Tips you can implement to take care of yourself in Monsoon:

1. Never ever skip your medicines: Follow your medication routine on a daily basis, do not skip any advised medication. If you are addicted to using the inhaler, use it when you need it. Do not stop the use of inhalers or medicines without asking your doctor.

2. In the monsoon the walls get dampened, that can lead to fungus build-up, they are one of the reason triggering asthma. Avoid this situation by taking the necessary measurements, like the use of AC to maintain the right temperature. The best way is to have cross ventilation. Direct Sunlight should pass through your house.

3. Try binging on hot drinks like soups, spice teas, etc, Tea with honey is said to be good for Asthma patients. Also, you can have cumin seeds of boiled water or inhale its steam. This serves in the dilation of Bronchial Passage.

4. Try keeping your surroundings clean and dust-free. You can use window shades to keep your home clean. Also, change and wash periodically all the stuff that can hold dust particles like curtains, cushions, etc.

5. Reduce the moisture circulation in the room, kitchen, washroom area by keeping the door closed. Also, every area of the home should be properly ventilated, rooms must be exposed to the sunlight at least for some time.

6. Always cover your face while you go out. The air pollution and dust particles or cold breeze can trigger your Asthma.

7. Avoid keeping plants in your home especially near your sleeping area. Pollens exposure also triggers Asthma, especially during monsoon.

8. Avoid traveling in the windy weather. Dust particles, pollutants, pollens, other allergens in the air can adversely affect the Asthmatic patient. 

9. If you have pets in your home, try keeping them away from the patient as the urine and dander of pet can cause allergy.

10. Cleanliness is very important for the health of any patient, change the bedsheets, pillow-cover frequently as they hold dust and dust is not good for any asthma patient. Carpet should also be removed during the monsoon season. Wearing a mask while cleaning can be the best option.

11. Avoid wearing wet clothes, socks, or shoes because moisture serves as a favorable host for the growth of bacteria that can lead to infection and result in health problems to the patient.

12. Right food Choices: Eat something that builds your immune system strong. Buttermilk and yogurt are good for health. You can add more ginger and garlic in your food, as they help indigestion. Green vegetables, hot soups, seasonal fruits are good to add in your diet.

13. Try avoiding food that is hard to digest, raw vegetables that can be full of bacteria.

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Remember one thing you can definitely fight against Asthma if you eat well and make your immune system strong. Many of the breathing techniques can also help Asthmatic patients during monsoons. You can learn some of these techniques with a doctor or you can also ask us regarding your issues.

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