5 Summer Fruits Your Diet MUST NOT Miss

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Let’s learn about Top Summer fruits and their benefits. The soaring temperatures up to 47 degrees in India leave many of us like a patient resting in a room. The brutal heat of summer in India leaves us dehydrated and cranky.

In such a harsh scenario, water-loaded summer fruits are the best source of hydration to bank on. Here are our 5 picks of summer fruits which you should continuously include in your diet till the summer season allows.

Some Must haves Summer Fruits in India:

Watermelon (Tarbooj):

Best Summer Fruits
Summer Fruits-1

When the summer set is at its most forgiving, Watermelon is one of the water loaded fruit that comes to the rescue. This Vitamin A and C enriched fruit helps with many health benefits in summers.

Watermelon is 94% water which keeps us hydrated all day long and naturally repairs our skin with the glow it loses in the heat. Potassium present in Watermelon serves our body the adequate amount of fluid it needs and also keeps our muscles flexible. It also helps to boost our heart health and improve our vision.

Mango, “Aam” the King of Fruits:

Summer Fruits
Summer Fruits-2

This pulpy and juicy wonder fruit has always been India’s most favorite summer fruit. Mango is also the National Fruit of India. For people in India, mangoes are just the synonym of summers. The goodness of sweet and sour flavor packed in this yellow fruit is enough to water our mouths.

Mango hosts the best medium to replenish the energy we dwindle during summers. History shows that even the foreign colonies loved the pulpy wonders of Mango. Richness of vitamins and potassium in Mangoes helps us to fight many summer related problems.

Muskmelon (Kharbooja):

Best Fruit for summer
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Popularly known as Melon, Muskmelon is one of the old favorite and highly cultivated fruit in India. With negligible amount of fat content, Muskmelon has always been one of the favorite summer fruits in India which can be consumed during dieting period as well.

The potassium present in Melon helps to keep our blood pressure regulated and reduces chances of hypertension. The richness of Vitamin C in Muskmelon helps to fight skin infections during summers and also provides a perfect glow to our skin. Melons get their colors from beta carotene which eventually bolsters our vision and keeps cataract at bay.

Black Plum (Jamun):

Summer Fruits
Summer Fruits-4

This purplish colored luscious fruit of summer, Jamun also called Black Plum is one of the favorite fruits of India. Jamun perfectly satiates our taste buds craving for something sweet yet equally sour and juicy.

 Jamun leaves a tinge of purple hue on our tongues and admit it or not, we all once stick our tongues out to check that purple color. Other than its juicy flavor, Jamun is loaded with antioxidants and has several health benefits. The iron and Vitamin C in Jamun helps to elevate our hemoglobin level. Jamun also relieves us of stomach infections and digestion problems including diarrhea, piles, and ulcers.

You can have Jamun with Black salt to cure your upset stomach. Or you may also have them alone or just blend it into delicious smoothies. The fruit wouldn’t disappoint you with its taste.

Guava (Amrood):

Good Summer Fruit
Summer Fruits-5

Guava is yet another favorite fruit loved by many. Also good news associated with the fruit says that eating Guava would not spike or lower your blood sugar levels and it can be eaten in diabetes as well.

Guavas are loaded with antioxidants and a range of Vitamins which helps to bolster your heart health and prevents it from free radicals damage.

The richness of dietary Fiber present in Guava is a perfect option for a filling diet which stops you from eating heavy food. It also prevents many digestion problems and keeps our bowel movements regularized.

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