Skin Disorders – Conditions, Types & Prevention

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There are hundreds of skin disorders that can be caused due to various reasons and they differ in terms of severity and signs. They can be both temporary and permanent and few might tend to be mild while others might be severe. Among the various causes, situational and genetic reasons are prominent ones. The conditions differ on the basis of permanent and temporary conditions.

Permanent conditions 

Permanent skin disorders can exist from either the birth of the baby or could be developed anytime in the lifespan. Although few medications and proper treatment have helped a lot of patients recover, as it does not have any proper cure, it can still reoccur anytime in the future and hence is termed, permanent.

Types under permanent conditions are –

  • Rosacea –

It is a condition where tiny, red, pus-packed bumps appear on the face of a person. It can result in thickening of the skin, a lot of pimples, and reddened skin.

  • Psoriasis –

A painful, hot, or inflamed condition in which sufferers’ skin gets scaly and red and makes them vulnerable to various diseases.

  • Vitiligo –

A condition of discoloration, with uneven patches all over the skin which turns white because of the lack of cells that provide color to the skin.

Temporary conditions –

These are those skin diseases that are curable through medications and are not genetic. These might not last for a long period of time if taken care at right time through proper consultation and medications. Physiological, psychological, or even external factors can be the reason for these conditions but are treatable. Few types that fall under temporary conditions are-

  • Acne –

One of the most prevalent skin disorders, acne, develops red pimples containing pus. It has numerous types. It acts as a warning for instant medical skincare. Although creams can easily cure acne, at some critical times, medications may be needed.

  • Hives –

Itchy welts, popping up from the usual skin layer as a result of an allergic reaction, are called hives. These allergic reactions might be from inside the body or can even be the result of external reasons like ailments, tension, or too tight dressing. These are among the skin disease which needs to be treated as soon as witnessed.

  • Eczema –

These are yellow patches on the skin that gradually flake off. The area affected by eczema is generally red, looks oily, and feels itchy. There is sometimes hair loss on the itchy areas.

  • Warts –

Warts are small, fleshy bumps on the skin which is caused by various strains of human papillomavirus. It is communicable and hence, can easily be spread to the different parts of the body as well as with another person. They usually depart themselves without any cure or medication, as a result of proper hygiene measures, but unattractive warts need to be cured with liquid nitrogen and few other medical creams.

  • Fungal nail infections –

A condition in which fungus starts developing under the nails of the person, usually in the feet. It is treatable through the use of anti-fungal medicines and other few medications prescribed by the doctor.

  • Athlete’s foot –

This condition gives symptoms such as itchy, red, and dry skin and starts due to fungal irritation and develops in damp and warm conditions like athletic footwear and, and hence named athlete’s foot. Treatment for this can be offered by medications and better hygiene.

  • Cold Sore –

A subtle sore, which generally develops a reddish, fluid-jammed blister close to the mouth. Again, it is also treatable with creams and medications, but it should not be delayed or it may turn severe.

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How to prevent these skin disorders?

As already mentioned, many of the skin disorders are not treatable and at the same time preventable, because they might be genetic or have developed due to ailments. Anyways, you can always prevent few skin disorders by taking these points in the notice-

  • Wash your hands regularly to avoid infectious skin diseases.
  • Avoid sharing glasses and other utensils with different people.
  • Avoid sharing personal belongings such as blankets, hairbrushes, towels, swimsuits, etc.
  • Avoid contact with people already bearing infection.
  • Use a gentle cleanser to wash the face regularly.
  • Avoid the use of dangerous chemical products and different irritants.
  • Add a nutritious meal to your diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle by avoiding oil-based junk foods.
  • Do not expose yourself to too much wind, cold, and heat.

These prevention tips might turn out really helpful in avoiding many skin related diseases and eventually, will help you adopt a healthy lifestyle over an unhygienic, unhealthy lifestyle.

These prevention techniques are helpful, but in case these tips are not working for you, you can always consult a proper dermatologist, who can help you with the treatment of these disorders, if treatable. Also, do not use any random medication or cream without the prescription or suggestion of the doctor as it might turn out to be further dangerous for the skin.

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