Unlock 1.0 & So on –  Safety Tips to Keep Your Guard Up.

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Unlock 1.0 & So on –  safety tips to keep your guard up.

The restrictions of lockdown are now eased in many states of India. The government has issued Unlock 1.0 from June and many cities would get back to normalcy after nearly 2.5 months of lockdown. Workplaces are open, people are stepping out of their homes, public transport is back, and almost everything is operational once again.

But no to forget, it’s just unlocked for the country. We can step out and restrictions are lifted just to normalize the economy. Corona Virus has still not left us. The COVID infected cases are still rising exponentially in the country which isn’t normal. Anybody can get infected by the virus as we will come in contact with many people.

The government has already made each one of the citizens aware of how dangerous the virus can be. Now it is completely our responsibility to keep ourselves protected from the virus. We all love our family and closed ones and we need to stay safe for them. Just by following some safety tips, we can do it out a bit.


Safety tips to follow


  1. Maintain good hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is the key to remain safe during this Corona hit times. One of the few measures which have helped and are effective to avoid COVID-19 virus is maintaining hygiene and will continue to do so. As we all will be stepping out from the safety of our homes it is crucial that we upgrade our hygiene rituals. Maintaining hygiene will help in avoiding not only COVID-19 but other diseases like diarrhea, flu, infections, etc.

These measures will help you maintain your hygiene:-

  • Always keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you.
  • After touching common places like door handles, common machines in your workplace, tabletops, other’s stationery, taps, cash, fingerprint scanners, etc use a hand sanitizer.
  • Do not share lunch or water bottles with others.
  • Use your own cutlery for the time being.
  • Sanitize your electronics frequently.
  • The first thing to do once you return home takes a shower and wash off your clothes.


  1. Follow Social distancing

Social distancing is the strongest ammunition against COVID-19. Social distancing in the present time is a social etiquette that is crucial to follow. Follow social distancing everywhere; at your office, in meetings, during shopping, in queues, in public transport.

  • Avoid any type of contact greeting.
  • Do not talk to others within close proximity.
  • Work and eat at your own station.
  • Do not gather for drinks or chats.
  • Talk to others with a safe distance of 6 feet between.
  • While shopping groceries stand away from the counter and other customers.
  • Try to work from home if possible.
  • Opt for video meetings over personal meetings.
  • Visit public places only under dire necessity.


  1. Protection gear.

It is now very important that we all deck ourselves up in necessary protection when in the company.

Masks are a very crucial part of the safety gear for Covid-19. Wearing a triple layer mask as suggested by WHO will save us from all the unwanted bacteria to infiltrate us. It also protects from the transmission of bacteria between peers.

Face cover is really efficient in filtering the air and stoping you from contacting your face. It would be advised to use it if your work demands to stay out more or the company of others.

A toilet seat sanitizer or seat cover will also be helpful if you travel long distances or long shifts.

Using disposable gloves is also highly recommended especially if you travel by public transport.

Disposable tissue papers should be used when you are out of your house.

You can get a COVID-19 Suraksha Kit in Our Official Page that has all the safety equipment you would need handy when you step out of your home. It would be easy and safe if you carry your own protection kit according to your requirements.

  1. Boost your immunity

Records prove that people with strong immunity have a better chance to survive and avoid the COVID-19 virus from attacking their system. Try to consume immunity increasing drinks and foods and avoid foods that weaken your immunity.

Eating out would be lethal at this stage.

Also, take immediate medication even with slight cold or flu before your immune system is attacked.

Some edibles easy available in your house to improve your immunity is-

  • Tulsi or basil
  • Haldi or Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Citrusy fruits
  • Cloves
  • Black pepper
  • cinnamon
  • Neem leaves

Popular immunity booster Chavyanprash can also be used as it contains all the necessary ingredients.

  1. Go virtual, go digital

Try to avoid physical interactions until it is too important. Virtual calls and meetings are a safe communication method. The use of cash currency should also be need-based. The use of digital transactions and payment methods should be made a habit. Also, minimum use of paper will reduce the level of contact of the same commodity used by many people. Most of the work should be done and shared digitally.

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