5 Refreshing Drinks to Quench Your Thirst This Summer

5 Refreshing Drinks to Quench Your Thirst This Summer

In this article we’re to learn about refreshing drinks for summer. Refrigerators become our best friends in summers and aerated drinks the second best. In this scorching heat of summers what we rush for is AC remote and a chilled cold beverage.

In summers, our body feels dehydrated and we tend to get many diseases. And to satiate our thirst of gulping something chilled, we bank on high calorie drinks loaded with refined sugar and strip off our health from healthy nutrients.

So if you are someone fighting hard with this hot and humid temperature, you should definitely look at these 5 refreshing drinks to satiate your summer thirst.

Coconut Water:

Refreshing Drinks

If you are also one of the old school types just like me then all you should do is go to a “coconut wale bhaiya” and gulp one fresh coconut water to quench your summer thirst.

Also for calorie conscious souls, coconut water is a blessing as it has minimal amount of fat and calorie. The potassium and sodium minerals in coconut water help to replenish water requirement of our body.


Best Drink

Plain chilled lemonade is a blessing in this scorching summer. Easy to prepare and its tangy refreshing flavor make it the most preferred drink.

Drinking lemonade refreshes you and aids your body with right amount of energy it requires. It also helps to improve our skin quality, promotes hydration, and is also a rich source of Vitamin C.

Fruit Juices:

Best Refreshing Drinks

Banking on citrus and juicy fruits like orange, melon, watermelon, cucumber, grapes is one of the best options to quench your summer thirst. And summer is the season when we can have plenty of such pulpy, watery fruits. Preparing fruit juices is the best way to fulfill the desires of water to our body.

These fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals and help our body sustain in such harsh heat. Have a glass of fruit juice in morning and also carry some amount in a bottle to sip it throughout the day.


Summer drink

All the stylish smoothies are cool, but we cannot deny that a freshly prepared chilled glass of Chaas is what we all crave for in summers. Chaas is made with Yogurt and its first sip can make you feel hydrated.

Also known as Buttermilk, Chaas also helps to cure digestion problems like acidity, aids to your weight loss and also prevents cardiac diseases. To change its taste, you can also experiment by adding several fruits like strawberry or mango to satiate your taste buds.   

Aam Panna:

refreshing drinks

No drink can beat the tangy yet sugary taste of aam panna. It is the refreshing drink which is quintessentially loved by Indians. It helps to prevent dehydration, constipation, diarrhea and also improves skin quality,

It is very easy to prepare, all you need is a cooked mango pulp, and add some black salt, roasted cumin powder, mint leaves sugar. Store it in the concentrated form and take a spoonful of it with some icy cold water to prevent yourself from heat strokes. Read this for more summer safety tips and to know about 5 Top fruits for summer

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