Physical Inactivity Good or Bad?

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What is Physical Inactivity?

Are you someone who does no regular exercise and leading a sedentary dull lifestyle? If you are also someone who passes their leisure time by Staying in the room with TV remote in one hand or watching movies on computer or just lying down on the bed, then sorry but you are being your own health monsters.

In this technology dominating world, we all have become couch potatoes. We make resolutions each day and plan to exercise on a daily basis but then end up with a dialogue “promises are meant to be broken”.  This is not how you should lead your life. A healthy body gives rise to a healthy brain.

How Inactive Lifestyle may affect your Health?

An inactive lifestyle is a magnet for health-related issues. It leads to poor health and less energized body. If you are having a dull and inactive lifestyle, then:

  • You tend to gain weight and become obese as a lack of physical activity does not allow your body to lose calories.
  • Your immune system loses its power and becomes weak.
  • Your body may develop type 2 diabetes.
  • The chances of cancer, depression, and anxiety also increase.
  • Your chances of high Blood Pressure also increase.
  • Chances of High blood Sugar increase.
  • You may have increased chances of Coronary heart diseases. The obese body tends to have more chances of heart attack as well.
  • Your rate of metabolism gets affected and you tend to lose fewer calories.
  • You may suffer from more Hormonal imbalance.

Why Regular Exercise is Important?

For the people belonging to all age groups, physical activity is a blissful gift you can present to your body. Regular exercise can get you rid of several health-related issues like type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and anxiety.

Other than that, it also promotes a good lifestyle. You tend to have a healthier state of mind. Regular exercising can keep you away from worries and uplift your mood instantly. It aids in changing levels of stress hormones in your brain to keep you calm and peaceful.

How can you start exercising?

If you have been following an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle for a long time, then start slowly and gradually.

Exercise on a regular basis and keep on adding extra minutes of working out gradually. Start with breath control exercises which would help you calm your mind and promote easy oxygenation to your body. Then start with some simple workout routines.

Prepare everyday goals and try to achieve them. Do not overload your body and stick to what you can do. This would bolster the endurance and strength of your body.

Some Facts about Lack of Activity in our lifestyles:

  • There is a record of thousands of death every year due to an inactive lifestyle followed by people lately.
  • Our body tends to get more inactive with age.
  • Women generally lead an inactive lifestyle and tend to get more health-related diseases than men.

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