6 Home Based Exercise that is Good for Women Health

6 Home Based Exercise that is Good for Women Health

If you are a woman doing household chores, you can just spare your 15 minutes in indulging into these exercises which would let you escape from the regular monotony and would also make you feel active and healthy. If you practice these 6 exercises regularly at home, be ready to steal the show in log run.

Push-Ups: Home Based Exercise

Who doesn’t know the magic of push-ups for lower body toning? Women already have less upper body strength as compared to men. Push-up is body-weight training which uses our body weight to work against gravity in order to strengthen our muscles.

Women who practice push-ups exercises experience core strengthening and stability of body muscles. Pushups help in strengthening forearms, chest muscles and abdominal muscles. Other than upper body strength, push-ups also aid in toning our legs and buttocks as the exercises uses body strength provided by leg support.

Keep your writs just under your shoulders (shoulder width apart) and start in high plank position. Maintain head and tone line-to-line. Bend your arms and try to move your chest closest to the ground. Come back to initial position.

Wall Sits:
Wall Sits

Back pain has become a critical problem in women. Because of the sedentary desk work jobs, and killing postures, majority of women are prone to back-pain. So switching to exercises like wall-sits can really be a relief in such case.

Wall-sits takes flat back and help to alleviate your quad strength, tone your calves, hips, abs and also helps in reducing belly fat. The exercise is fun and super effective. It helps in burning calories whiles being at your own comfort space (home).

Not only it is helpful in back-pain but also it tones your muscles. Just include 15 minutes of wall sits in your exercise routine and it would do the magic.

  •  Jumping jacks
Jumping Jacks: Home Based Exercise

Jumping Jacks reminds us our childhood. This exercise is generally done as warm-up prior to other exercises routine as it alleviates our stamina and work on our muscle groups. Jumping Jacks are full body workout which you can practice even at home. This exercise is more of a combination of aerobics and resistance training.

The exercise is the alternative to running on treadmill. It is a cardio exercise which uses oxygen to meet our energy demand. This oxygenated blood is pumped by our heart and the carbon-dioxide is brought back from our body cells. Hence, Jumping jacks are good to keep your heart healthy for a long time. Other than that, it aids in our weight loss process and lets us relieve stress.

Start with your arms stretched aside and legs together. Bend your knees a bit and start jumping with your legs opening outside (shoulder-width distance). Stretch your arms overhead. Jump back to your starting position. Do in sets of 50 each.

  • Squats

Squats are one of the best go-to exercises women can do at home. Squats involve engagement of more muscles than any other exercise. It works on our quads, inner thighs, hamstrings, outer thighs, gluteal muscles, abdominal muscles and all the muscles supporting your spine. Other than being a toning exercise, squats are even safe for women as the exercise doesn’t put any pressure on our lower body muscles and neither on joints.

Other than that, all the muscles of our legs are involved in remaining straight and balanced during a squat which is perfect for toning our legs.

Squats mainly target your buttocks muscles (Gluteal Muscles). If done regularly and in correct posture this exercise can really give you toned and firm shape.

  • Mountain Climbers
Mountain Climbing

Isn’t it too daunting to think of climbing mountains? Uff!! Even the thought of it is tiring. But what if the mountain can be climbed at home? Yes! You heard it right. The way mountain climbing can help you in remaining fit is the same way Mountain climbing exercise would benefit you.

Mountain Climbers is the one of the best intensive cardio exercises women can opt to do at home. It helps in burning belly fat easily. Mountain climbers nearly take your entire body to exercise. it is more like going through full-body workout in just one exercise.

It is a good exercise to build your cardio endurance and also strengthen your core muscles. As you indulge in the exercise your shoulders, chest and arms work on stabilizing your upper body while the core stabilizing rest of the body.

The exercise is performed in plan position. Then alternatively bring your one knee near your chest and back out again. Increase your speed with time and you will feel like climbing again the ground.

  • Crunches:
crunches: Best Home Based Exercise

Crunches are performed in order to strengthen abs muscles.

If you are dreaming of a flat stomach but no belly fat, then befriend crunches. They can be your best friend in strengthening your abs. incorporate crunches in your workout and do it in coordinated manner and you would see the magic.

This exercise would also let you maintain a good posture and improve your body language by increasing your balance. You burn good number of calories in just 1-0 minutes of crunches.

Start by laying your back on the floor and tighten your abs. Lift your head and shoulders forward but make sure you do not come all the way up. Hopefully you enjoyed the information. Stay Tuned!

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