What is COVID 19 Suraksha Kit? Do You Really Need This?

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With the gradual decrease in the restrictions by the government, life is getting back on roads and public places. The reduced restrictions don’t mean we are safe from the Corona Virus but this means we now need to take care of ourselves.

Life after lockdown will not be the same as before. The fear of COVID-19 would not end until a vaccine is developed and till then we need to learn how to survive in this life-threatening situation where we can anytime be in contact with the virus infection.

Maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask while going out in public places, washing hands repeatedly will be a common thing even after Lockdown. This is the new normal we are talking about where keeping ourselves safe from COVID-19 would be our own responsibility. We need to focus more on our health, habits, personal hygiene, and self-protection from viruses.

The “COVID-19 Suraksha Essential” Kit is a bunch of products related to health and hygiene that can ensure hygiene maintenance and keep you safe from COVID-19. The Pack includes a Sanitizer, a 6 layered Mask, and a surface disinfectant. These products are very essential for our new normal life to fight against the coronavirus. A brief description of the COVID-19 Suraksha Kit with its usefulness in today’s scenario is detailed below:

Covid 19 Suraksha Kit
COVID 19 Suraksha Kit
  1. The 6 Layered Reusable Mask is one of the most essentials that you use have during this time of the pandemic. This mask would protect you from COVID-19 disease and from pollution. The wide coverage of the mask on your face provides full protection from the virus and allows you to breathe easily without suffocating. The use of masks has now become mandatory in public areas. It does not just keep you safe from being infected by others, but also prevents the spread of infection by capturing exhaled droplets in case you are the sick one. Therefore, be a responsible citizen and wear a mask while going in the public area. Mask in B.Lal Pharmacy Suraksha Kir is reusable, you can wash and reuse it.
  1. Pee Safe: Pee Safe is a multipurpose cleaner specially designed to provide personal hygiene to people using public washrooms. We all know how unhygienic it is to use the lavatory in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and any other public building. Make sure you don’t get infected by any virus by using the Pee Safe surface protectant before using the lavatory. It is a spray to use on toilet seats that kill a maximum of germs. This sanitizing spray will allow you to use the restroom carefree. Ensure good health today with our wide range of hygiene solutions.
  1. The COVID-19 Suraksha Kit: It includes a Hand sanitizer that kills bacteria and germs. The Pandemic has taught us how important it is to keep our hands clean. Unknowingly we touch contaminated objects that can spread disease and sometimes it is crucial to wash our hands again and again. Therefore, the use of hand sanitizer is very imperative to keep our hands clean and germs free. The Himalayan Hand sanitizer is a very efficacious alcohol-based sanitizer that helps to prevent infection by killing 99% of germs.

Now that we have understood what things we need handy to keep ourselves safe from getting infected. But this isn’t enough. We need to work on our bodies and immune system. Building a strong immune system is equally important as maintaining hygiene. We have covered a variety of products that can boost your immunity. You can try using the following healthy products

  1. Giloy Juice:

It is made of Giloy leaves that help in making our immune system stronger. It is an antipyretic herb (reduces fever) with anti-inflammatory agents. In the time of COVID-19, it is important to keep our body strong and immune to germs and bacteria. Therefore, the consumption of Giloy Juice helps in making our body’s defense system stronger. The consumption of Giloy juice improves the working of cells that are meant for fighting against microorganisms and foreign bodies. Overall, Giloy Juice is super beneficial for your health. Apart from making our immune system stronger it also helps in reducing anxiety and stress. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help in reducing Joint pain.

  1. Himalaya Amalaki Immunity Wellness

Himalaya Amalaki Tablet is good for our immune system and helps us recover faster from weakness. The tablet is sugar-free. The consumption of tablets would help in coping with stress and hence enhance our body performance.

  1. Aloe Vera Juice:

Aloe vera juice is another form of immunity booster that we can include in our day-to-day life. Consumption of aloe vera juice helps in slowing down the inflammatory issues and hence reorders our immune system.

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