An Update on Covid-19 Guidelines For Air, Train & Bus Travel

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India is slowly opening up after 4 continuous lockdowns. And in that order, public transport services like air, train and bus travel is also allowed. But keep in mind, it is just the country reopening but COVID-19 has yet not escaped our lives. The number of corona virus-infected cases in India is increasing exponentially day by day and it is becoming more horrifying.

To save travelers from coronavirus during travel government has pushed out guidelines related to travel. These guidelines are to stop the transmission of the coronavirus during the usage of public transport facilities.


Do not fear the situation, just fight it with precautions.

Although, after the unlock everything is getting back to its normal. With the public transports getting started and offices getting back to normal, we now need to step out of our homes. But the fear of getting infected by the disease is still lurking in our minds. We will come in contact with a number of people while traveling in public transport. But we need not worry. We can take a little more safety measures to avoid getting infected by Coronavirus. After all, getting in contact with many people can act as a carrier of the disease. So it’s better to follow some government guidelines while you are traveling in public transport.


Guidelines for Air, Train or Bus travel during Corona Virus Period

Stopping the disease to spread any further is the responsibility of each of India’s citizens. The GOI has issued some guidelines for all modes of public transport. Following these guidelines, you can safeguard yourself from corona and stop the transmission chain of the virus. The guidelines are as follows-


  1. Social Distancing– The only weapon in the fight against the coronavirus is social or physical distancing. The government and WHO are constantly trying to make people aware of social distancing. According to the government guidelines, the seats in any public transport medium can’t be filled to 100% capacity.

At least the middle seats in an aircraft, train, or bus must remain vacant to maintain social distance between the passengers. Also, you need to ensure social distancing and follow the rules on an airport or railway station while boarding in. To be safe maintain at least 6 feet distance from everyone.

  1. Cover your face with a mask or shield– Covering your face with a mask or shield is the best way to safeguard yourself from the virus particles, traveling in the air if someone sneezes in front of you. Also, it stops you from touching your face and eyes, which plays a significant role in terminating the transmission. A shield is optional, but it provides extra safety. The best facemask for outdoor protection is the 6-layer mask, which you can buy on Dr. B. Lal pharmacy.
  2. Clean Up Thoroughly- There are chances that you can take the virus home with you on your clothes, bags, or any other accessories. To eliminate the virus particles, you are required to take a bath and wash all your clothes in detergent. But you can’t wash each of your accessories like a phone and laptop. So to clean the accessories, you can use our Pee Safe surface cleaner to remove the risk of coronavirus on your mobile and laptop.  
  3. Hand Sanitization- Hand hygienic is the most important thing at the current time. There have been multiple reports that the virus can stay alive for more than 48 hours on various surfaces. And if you touch these surfaces and then touch your hands to your mouth or eyes, you are likely to get infected.

For this problem, the GOI has recommended everyone to wash their hands with water and soap or sanitize their hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer. But it is not possible to carry soap everywhere you go. In that case, sanitizer is the only thing to take care of hand hygiene.

Sanitization is the must after you have touched any frequently contacted surfaces or before consuming any eatables outside the home. According to GOI all railway stations and airports will be stocked up with sanitizer. But it is recommended to carry your hand sanitizer. You can find the best hand sanitizer at the government fixed price on our website.

  1. Screening- There are complete facilities for the screening of all the passengers before the travel starts so that no infected person can travel and spread the coronavirus chain.


All the above-mentioned guidelines should be strictly followed to ensure yours as well as other safety. We are providing a coronavirus protection kit which includes masks, hand sanitizer, and surface disinfectant at the lowest price. You can use this kit to ensure your safety while you are traveling during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. This kit is a must for travel during the coronavirus.

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