Coronavirus: 12 Myths Exposed

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Coronavirus outbreak started from Wuhan in China and soon it got spread to many other countries and caused deaths. In just a few months the disease has become life-threatening as there is no vaccine found for the same till date.

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Although there is tons of information available on the internet and other channels that are helping people stay updated regarding the disease. But there is an infinite number of myths circulating on social media regarding Novel Corona Virus and it has become hard to comprehend, what is correct and what isn’t? In order to help the society and people know about the correct information and debunk all the junk channels on social media, here is an article helping you a bit.

Here is the time that we all participate together and let each other know the correct side of the story.

1. Novel coronavirus was deliberately created?


Viruses are infectious agents and changes with time, and a disease epidemic when a common virus in an animal like a rat, bat, pig or any bird go through changes and transmit to humans. And this is how Novel coronavirus came into existence. The persistent myth of the virus being released by someone or from a lab is absolutely wrong.


  1. Chlorine/ alcohol spray can kill virus:


Don’t do that it can only cause harm to your skin, and may cause severe effects if the alcohol enters in mouth or eyes. Chlorine, alcohol spray will not kill coronavirus, though you can use them to clean surfaces.


3. Corona Infected person will die for sure?


The fatality rate is very less till now and according to a report, 80.9 percent of cases were mild which didn’t require special treatments. And good thing now is people are getting recovered from this pandemic.


  1. Animals can spread this COVID19?


There is no such evidence that the cats and dogs around you can get infected by COVID19 and spread disease. The cases by far are regarding human to human transmission. Therefore do not believe blindly on any myth regarding COVID 19 and do not abandon your pets. Those furry animals also need your support. Just make sure you keep them clean as well.

  1. Only the elderly and infants are at risk?


It can infect any person regardless of age, however elderly people who have poor health conditions or any past diseases history like asthma, diabetes are more prone to infection because the immune system of old aged people becomes weak due to the existing health issues and their body cannot fight against the virus. Therefore take more care of old aged people.


  1. Small kids are safe from COVID19.


Children are likely to get infected the same as young or old people. The only difference is that the symptoms in children are less severe compared to young and old. So far the maximum cases of coronavirus include adults only.


  1. Taking a hot bath will save you from Coronavirus


Instead of taking a hot bath to burn yourself, wash your hands frequently and sanitize them after touching any articles or stuff. Taking hot water cannot save you from Coronavirus because the body temperature will remain the same regardless of how hot water you deep into. But the regular hand wash can remove the viruses from your hands and stop it to further spread when you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.

  1. Cold weather CANNOT kill corona virus


There is no such evidence that the virus can sustain in cold temperatures or not. Whether the temperature outside is too hot or cold, your body temperature wouldn’t change anyway. The average body temperature of humans fall under 36.5° C to 37° C. So the only way to keep yourself at bay from the life-threatening coronavirus is by washing your hands properly with soap and water and sanitizing surfaces with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

  1. Ultraviolet disinfection lamps are best to kill the Novel Corona Virus?


No there is no such clear evidence justifying this statement. Avoid using Ultra Violet lamps to disinfect your hand or any other part of your body because exposure to UV radiation is harmful to your skin.


  1. Pneumonia vaccines can be taken to prevent Novel corona virus

Although there are many cases and death reports that say that the diseases are progressing as the infection of pneumonia. But the vaccine that prevents pneumonia cannot work against coronavirus. There is no vaccine to date for the newly spreading disease. Consult your doctor before you take any medicine.

  1. Garlic can prevent you from Corona Virus


It is just a myth that the intake of garlic can help you against Coronavirus. Although the anti-anti-microbial nature of garlic can help you enhance your immunity to fight against the disease. You can definitely consume garlic because every effort counts until we do not have a vaccine.

  1. Nasal Spray can help against corona virus


Although the nasal spray is used during common cold and cough the same isn’t proved to be good to prevent coronavirus.

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