For more than two decades in the field of Diagnostic care, Dr. B. LalClinical Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. has now introduced Pharmacy named Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy. The idea behind the pharmacy is to minimize the helter-skelter of patients in search of medicines and for various sorts of medical tests and diagnostic services. Now patients can avail a variety of health care checkups and drugs under just one roof that is a quite convenient thing for sick patients.


Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy has the unique feature of delivering medicines online to its customers. One needs to make an online order for medicines, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.


Online medicines availability In Jaipur: 

The concept of online medicine is now becoming a popular trend, and not all of the pharmacy are into this business. But in a big city like Jaipur, Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy is providing this service for its citizens to make their tough time a bit easy. People who are sick wouldn’t’ like to go drug store again and again to buy medicines. Therefore home delivery of medicines is like a real help for those people.


Some benefits of online delivery of medicines:


1. Most safe way to get medicines in this Epidemic :

Amid the pandemic where most of the cities are facing lockdown and the continued worsening Covid situation has made people stay at home. In this tough time, Dr. B. Lal pharmacy is working hard to deliver the essentials items like medicines, sanitizers, and other medical itemsUndoubtedly it is the one safest way to keep yourself away from covid-19.


2. Helps people who are alone and can’t go to the store: 

People who are sick, live alone, and are not in a condition to go outside can easily order their medicine from Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy. This is a big advantage of online medicine availability to help people who can’t move or travel or go outside on their own.


 How Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy is different from the rest?

Delivering medicines in a huge city like Jaipur includes many challenges, there must be many other drug stores and online pharmacies that promise home delivery but you can’t’ expect the “on time” delivery from them. Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy is different from the rest because first of all, we cover all the areas in Jaipur, regardless of location. We even cover small towns and outskirts area of Jaipur. Though it’s quite a challenging job to cover a vast area, yet we are here we are in service of people so here with Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy, you can expect 100% “on time” delivery anywhere in Jaipur. Besides, we deliver the product carefully before checking the expiry dates so it doesn’t’ cost your health. furthermore, we ensure nice packaging to avoid any sort of damage to the products.


How can you order your medicines at Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy?

Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy has made it very easy to get any clinical tests done and the availability of medicines at your home. A person can make orders by simply coming online and place an order on the website of Dr. B. Lal pharmacy, one can also place an order by calling on the number given on the website.


Despite the pandemic, we at Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy are trying hard to make sure that people get their medicines supply at their home at the right time.


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