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Most of the population of India lives in rural areas, and 82% of women who live in rural areas don’t know about sanitary napkins (Source). Even women who live in urban areas are also unaware of the proper use of hygiene products during periods.

Sanitizing toilet seats is not even considered as a routine of cleaning washrooms, and that increases the risk of infections and health issues.

Pee Safe is a leading personal hygiene brand. It was introduced in 2013 by Vikas Bagaria and Dheeraj Jain. The wife of Vikas Bagaria Srijana fell sick with Urine Tract Infection(UTI) after using the public restroom.

From there, they got the idea to make a product that kills germs and reduces the infection of UTI in women. They launched toilet seat spray for women’s hygiene. After the success of this product, they introduced other women’s hygiene products like organic cotton tampons, menstrual cups, biodegradable sanitary pads, wipes, and sweat pads, and more. 

Let’s check out the top 5 Pee Safe products in 2021

Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

Pee Safe toilet seat sanitizer spray is tested by dermatologists. It is a spray that is used on the toilet seat to kill the 99.9% germs and reduce the risk of Urine Tract Infection(UTI). It is a very compact bottle, so you can take it anywhere.

It starts action within 10 seconds because it consists of an IPA formula. 

Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wipes

Pee Safe natural intimate wipes are very soft and comfortable to use. It is free of alcohol, paraben, or sulfate because it is made from natural extracts like Tea Tree Essential Oil.

It cleans and freshens your intimate area and provides ultimate care. It prevents rashes and allergies.

Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners

Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners is useful for those girls/women who face white discharge. It can also be used in the days of the period. These Pee Safe aloe vera panty liners keep you fresh and dry all day.

The curvy design for an extra cotton-soft surface makes you more comfortable. It can be used on a daily basis to avoid extra discharge.

Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash For Women

Pee Safe natural intimate wash is important for women’s health. Regular use of soap and body wash can cause dryness, itching, irritation, and make it uncomfortable. Pee Safe natural intimate wash is 100% alcohol-free and made with natural ingredients like Witch Hazel Extracts, Palasa (Butea Fronds), Ficus Glomerata, and Tea Tree Essential Oil.

It keeps you clean and makes you feel fresh and comfortable all day long.

Pee Safe Panty Liners – 100% Organic Cotton, Biodegradable

Pee Safe Panty Liners is very useful for daily discharge and spotting. Extra cottony-soft surface and a curvy design of Pee Safe panty liners keep you more comfortable all day long.

Pee Safe panty liners made up with 100% organic cotton and chemical-free that makes them biodegradable.


Hygiene is very important for health. Every girl/woman should be aware of it. So here’s the list of  Pee Safe products that are the best for women’s hygiene. Shop Pee Safe products at Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy and get all the products delivered at your doorstep in every corner of Jaipur city.

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