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For more than two decades in the field of Diagnostic care, Dr. B. LalClinical Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. has now introduced Pharmacy named Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy. The idea behind the pharmacy is to minimize the helter-skelter of patients in search of medicines and for various sorts of medical tests and diagnostic services. Now patients can avail a variety of health care checkups and drugs under just one roof that is a quite convenient thing for sick patients.


Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy has the unique feature of delivering medicines online to its customers. One needs to make an online order for medicines, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.


Online medicines availability In Jaipur: 

The concept of online medicine is now becoming a popular trend, and not all of the pharmacy are into this business. But in a big city like Jaipur, Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy is providing this service for its citizens to make their tough time a bit easy. People who are sick wouldn’t’ like to go drug store again and again to buy medicines. Therefore home delivery of medicines is like a real help for those people.


Some benefits of online delivery of medicines:


1. Most safe way to get medicines in this Epidemic :

Amid the pandemic where most of the cities are facing lockdown and the continued worsening Covid situation has made people stay at home. In this tough time, Dr. B. Lal pharmacy is working hard to deliver the essentials items like medicines, sanitizers, and other medical itemsUndoubtedly it is the one safest way to keep yourself away from covid-19.


2. Helps people who are alone and can’t go to the store: 

People who are sick, live alone, and are not in a condition to go outside can easily order their medicine from Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy. This is a big advantage of online medicine availability to help people who can’t move or travel or go outside on their own.


 How Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy is different from the rest?

Delivering medicines in a huge city like Jaipur includes many challenges, there must be many other drug stores and online pharmacies that promise home delivery but you can’t’ expect the “on time” delivery from them. Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy is different from the rest because first of all, we cover all the areas in Jaipur, regardless of location. We even cover small towns and outskirts area of Jaipur. Though it’s quite a challenging job to cover a vast area, yet we are here we are in service of people so here with Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy, you can expect 100% “on time” delivery anywhere in Jaipur. Besides, we deliver the product carefully before checking the expiry dates so it doesn’t’ cost your health. furthermore, we ensure nice packaging to avoid any sort of damage to the products.


How can you order your medicines at Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy?

Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy has made it very easy to get any clinical tests done and the availability of medicines at your home. A person can make orders by simply coming online and place an order on the website of Dr. B. Lal pharmacy, one can also place an order by calling on the number given on the website.


Despite the pandemic, we at Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy are trying hard to make sure that people get their medicines supply at their home at the right time.


The human body needs many nutrients and vitamins to function to its best. Many of these nutrients are produced in the body and most are not. So, humans need to fulfill the need by external means. All these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are very important for the body so we must pay attention to our body for any signs of nutrient deficiency shows.

Today we will see what the signs and symptoms of vitamin C deficiency are.

Vitamin C generally found in citrus fruits is ascorbic acid. It is required by the body in small amounts as the body itself cannot produce it.

Vitamin C repairs, protects, and keep tissues healthy. It also keeps the skin healthy by producing collagen. Vitamin C also helps in healing injuries and wounds.

How much Vitamin C is necessary?

An adult needs need 40mg of Vitamin C a day. Because Vitamin c is not stored in the body, we need to include it in our daily diet.

Children between the ages of 1-10 need 30mg of Vitamin C a day.

Children between the ages of 11-14 need 35mg of Vitamin C a day.

The deficiency can depend upon diet, lifestyle, the country you are living in, availability of fresh fruits. Deficiency of Vitamin C takes time to build up but it is necessary to keep your eyes open for the signs.

Signs and symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency

  • Rough and textured skin

Vitamin C produces collagen which is responsible for maintaining healthy and youth full skin. Collagen also maintains other connective tissues like hair, joints, blood vessels, etc.

A skin disease called keratosis pilaris can be a result of a deficiency of Vitamin C. In this disease, there is a protein build-up in the pores of the skin and the skin takes a bumpy chicken texture.

However all factors should be considered, one factor alone cannot deduce deficiency of vitamin C.

  • Red hair follicles.

Tiny blood vessels on the surface of the skin become fragile when there is a deficiency of Vitamin C and break easily which appear to be red hair follicles on the skin. This is caused by a severe case of Vitamin C deficiency.

  • Uneven and strange growth of body hair.

If body hair is growing in coiled shape or bent form it can be due to a deficiency of Vitamin C. One should take treatment for this as these hairs fall out.

  • Red lines and spots in nails

If red lines and spots are appearing n your nails then it is a case of Vitamin C deficiency. If your nails are spoon-shaped it can be a clue towards anemia. This condition is called splinter hemorrhage and red lines appear due to weak blood vessels due to deficiency of Vitamin C gets ruptured.

  • Dry and damaged skin

It is a well-known fact of the beauty industry that Vitamin C is a very important ingredient for healthy and glowing skin. Vitamin C produces collagen, prevents oxidative damage, prolonged effects of smoking, and drinking alcohol on the skin.

If you see these signs even with proper care and diet then it is because of a deficiency of Vitamin C.

  • Painful joints

Vitamin C is important for connective tissues. Joints need collagen-rich tissues and deficiency of Vitamin C can cause less production of collagen in the tissues.

There are hundreds of skin disorders that can be caused due to various reasons and they differ in terms of severity and signs. They can be both temporary and permanent and few might tend to be mild while others might be severe. Among the various causes, situational and genetic reasons are prominent ones. The conditions differ on the basis of permanent and temporary conditions.

Permanent conditions 

Permanent skin disorders can exist from either the birth of the baby or could be developed anytime in the lifespan. Although few medications and proper treatment have helped a lot of patients recover, as it does not have any proper cure, it can still reoccur anytime in the future and hence is termed, permanent.

Types under permanent conditions are –

  • Rosacea –

It is a condition where tiny, red, pus-packed bumps appear on the face of a person. It can result in thickening of the skin, a lot of pimples, and reddened skin.

  • Psoriasis –

A painful, hot, or inflamed condition in which sufferers’ skin gets scaly and red and makes them vulnerable to various diseases.

  • Vitiligo –

A condition of discoloration, with uneven patches all over the skin which turns white because of the lack of cells that provide color to the skin.

Temporary conditions –

These are those skin diseases that are curable through medications and are not genetic. These might not last for a long period of time if taken care at right time through proper consultation and medications. Physiological, psychological, or even external factors can be the reason for these conditions but are treatable. Few types that fall under temporary conditions are-

  • Acne –

One of the most prevalent skin disorders, acne, develops red pimples containing pus. It has numerous types. It acts as a warning for instant medical skincare. Although creams can easily cure acne, at some critical times, medications may be needed.

  • Hives –

Itchy welts, popping up from the usual skin layer as a result of an allergic reaction, are called hives. These allergic reactions might be from inside the body or can even be the result of external reasons like ailments, tension, or too tight dressing. These are among the skin disease which needs to be treated as soon as witnessed.

  • Eczema –

These are yellow patches on the skin that gradually flake off. The area affected by eczema is generally red, looks oily, and feels itchy. There is sometimes hair loss on the itchy areas.

  • Warts –

Warts are small, fleshy bumps on the skin which is caused by various strains of human papillomavirus. It is communicable and hence, can easily be spread to the different parts of the body as well as with another person. They usually depart themselves without any cure or medication, as a result of proper hygiene measures, but unattractive warts need to be cured with liquid nitrogen and few other medical creams.

  • Fungal nail infections –

A condition in which fungus starts developing under the nails of the person, usually in the feet. It is treatable through the use of anti-fungal medicines and other few medications prescribed by the doctor.

  • Athlete’s foot –

This condition gives symptoms such as itchy, red, and dry skin and starts due to fungal irritation and develops in damp and warm conditions like athletic footwear and, and hence named athlete’s foot. Treatment for this can be offered by medications and better hygiene.

  • Cold Sore –

A subtle sore, which generally develops a reddish, fluid-jammed blister close to the mouth. Again, it is also treatable with creams and medications, but it should not be delayed or it may turn severe.

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How to prevent these skin disorders?

As already mentioned, many of the skin disorders are not treatable and at the same time preventable, because they might be genetic or have developed due to ailments. Anyways, you can always prevent few skin disorders by taking these points in the notice-

  • Wash your hands regularly to avoid infectious skin diseases.
  • Avoid sharing glasses and other utensils with different people.
  • Avoid sharing personal belongings such as blankets, hairbrushes, towels, swimsuits, etc.
  • Avoid contact with people already bearing infection.
  • Use a gentle cleanser to wash the face regularly.
  • Avoid the use of dangerous chemical products and different irritants.
  • Add a nutritious meal to your diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle by avoiding oil-based junk foods.
  • Do not expose yourself to too much wind, cold, and heat.

These prevention tips might turn out really helpful in avoiding many skin related diseases and eventually, will help you adopt a healthy lifestyle over an unhygienic, unhealthy lifestyle.

These prevention techniques are helpful, but in case these tips are not working for you, you can always consult a proper dermatologist, who can help you with the treatment of these disorders, if treatable. Also, do not use any random medication or cream without the prescription or suggestion of the doctor as it might turn out to be further dangerous for the skin.

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Are you going through extreme tiredness and feel sleepy all day, running out of motivation and enthusiasm, as a result of physical and mental disturbance? Well, we’ll break it to you, you’ve developed fatigue.

A person often feels tired and can also feel the shortness breath with more activities. The symptoms of fatigue also include muscle weakness. But do not confuse it with “drowsiness”, a condition when you feel the need to sleep. Fatigue is different than feeling sleepy.

The state of tiredness and lack of energy is termed as fatigue. Even though being sleepy is one of the many symptoms of fatigue, but it is not the same. It can also be a result of a non-active lifestyle and poor diet. It also is a symptom of several medical conditions.

It might be really hard to find the root cause of fatigue, but the type of fatigue can specifically determine the cause of fatigue as well.

It should be noted that fatigue is a symptom of a chronic disease that might be getting birth in your body. Fatigue is a symptom and it is not a disease.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) –

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a medical condition of utmost tiredness that can last for several months or maybe years and that too without any particular reason. Unlike usual, any amount of rest will not affect the fatigue or remove it and people may find it difficult to perform day-to-day activities. Anyone can suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome CFS but women in their 40s and 50s are more vulnerable to it.

Causes of CFS –

Due to various symptoms by every other individual, and fatigue being a symptom for many other diseases and conditions, the root cause of CFS is not defined yet. Although viral infection and psychological stress are often claimed to be the cause because people who suffer from viral infection and those going through depression, often develop CFS, there is no rigid theory behind it.

Other causes of Chronic Fatigue may include –

  • Low physical activity
  • Lack of sleep
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Boredom or grief
  • Use of antidepressants and sedatives
  • Too much physical exertion
  • A phase of emotional stress
  • Abuse of alcohol, drugs or even caffeine
  • Absence of a well-balanced nutritious diet

Apart from this, physical health conditions like anemia, fibromyalgia, arthritis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, kidney diseases, eating and sleeping disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and congestive heart failure can also cause fatigue.

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Who is more vulnerable to CFS?

  • Although anyone can develop CFS, it may turn out to be a risk factor for a few targeted groups.
  • People in their 50s and60s are more prone to it.
  • Women are generally more vulnerable to CFS than men.
  • Physical and mental stress like depression or accident may give rise to CFS.
  • A person may also develop CFS because of their genes through genetic predisposition with no other reason.

Symptoms of CFS –

  • A feeling of tiredness while waking up after hours of sleep.
  • Lack of concentration and memory, constantly forgetting things and inability to concentrate on them.
  • Neck and armpits developing enlarged lymph nodes.
  • The feeling of being tired and too much exhausted after a day of performing any physical activity.
  • Inability or difficulty in doing day-to-day activities.
  • Frequent headaches and sore throat.

There are no specific tests to diagnose CFS. In order to conclude with CFS, the doctor may need to rule out other causes causing fatigue, by including a session of questions about the lifestyle, medical history, and any physical or mental stress that the person is going through. Blood tests and urine tests may also be conducted by the doctor to confirm the absence of any other disease with similar symptoms like CFS.

Treatment –

As there is no specific cause for CFS, it varies from person to person and may depend on their symptoms. Majorly, the treatment includes a change in lifestyle, medications, and therapies. Change in lifestyle refers to changes such as practicing a healthy routine by including nutritious diets, meditation, and other activities to make the lifestyle better. Therapies may include Cognitive training, which helps in concluding the cause and solution by talking to the therapist, and graded exercise, which includes certain activities to boost the routine and break the inactivity.

These are the causes, symptoms, and ways of treatment of CFS that you should be aware of. You can always try these out to diagnose yourself or treat yourself by making certain healthy changes to the routine, but in case it doesn’t help, consult a doctor and get treated by therapies and medications that are suggested by the doctor and are necessary.

The COVID-19 cases are increasing at an exponential rate all around the world. But the main issue is the identification of COVID-19. The symptoms of Coronavirus are yet not diversified and are very familiar to normal cough and fever.

And now that monsoon is spreading its wings in India, diseases like cold, fever, and cough will become very common. So how to differentiate in common cold, flu, and Coronavirus? We have made a complete guide using which you can easily identify that if you have COVID or flu.


Key Differences Between Coronavirus and Common Cold

The common cold is an acute and treatable disease that mostly occurs with changing weather conditions. Its symptom involves body ache, tiredness, sneezing, cough, and running nose.

On the other hand, COVID-19 is a serious disease that directly attacks our respiratory system and can even cause death. The symptoms of COVID-19 are fatigue, tastelessness, difficulty in breathing, inability to distinguish smells, chest pain, dry cough, and face color turns blue.


Key Difference Between Coronavirus and Flu

Flu is an influenza virus that can travel from one person to another through the air. It affects both upper respiratory and lower respiratory system of the human body. Symptoms of Flu are headache, tiredness, body pain, and cough. The similarity between COVID-19 and Flu is very high. Both of these diseases can transmit from one person to another, and the symptoms are also similar. The only symptom that differs Coronavirus from flu is the difficulty of breathing that only occurs in Coronavirus.


Key Difference Between Coronavirus and Allergies


Allergies are another very common that can show you symptoms like COVID-19. The most common symptoms of allergy are running nose, itchiness, and sneezing.

These symptoms are very similar to Coronavirus, but allergies can’t cause fever to your body. That helps you to differentiate allergies from Coronavirus.


Symptomatic Breakdown of Various Diseases


Disease Mild Symptoms Severe Symptoms
Allergies 1.Running Nose

2.Itchy, watery and red eyes


1.Shortness of Breath


3.Body Ache

Common Cold & Cough 1.Runny Nose

2.Mild Headache



1.High Fever



Flu 1.Body ache

2.Mild headache


4.Low-Grade Fever

1.Sore Throat


3.Runny Nose

COVID-19 1.Fatigue and body pain

2.Sore Throat


4.Dry Cough

1.Shortness of Breath

2.Very High Fever

3.Shaking and Chills

4.Lost Ability to Taste and Smell


6.Inability to move




How does the Covid-19 virus spread?


COVID-19 spreads generally through respiratory droplets shared between an infected and healthy person. Respiratory droplets land in the mouth or can be inhaled from the people nearby. Close contact with people can also be the cause of spread. Touching possible surfaces where respiratory droplets are likely to land from people like door handles, taps, common commodities, etc. So, sanitizing and distancing are recommended.

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Remedies of various diseases


Taking precautions and using remedies for prevention and cure of cold, cough, flu, allergies, and COVID-19 can be helpful. You can cure some common illnesses with easily available home remedies.


  • Flu At the first symptom of flu following remedies should be used.

Consume a lot of fluids.

Give rest to the body by sleeping it off.

Green leafy vegetables should be eaten.

Fruits rich in Vitamin C should be eaten.

Easily digested meals should be taken.


  • Allergies Eating some foods can cause relief in allergies like onions, garlic, tomatoes, lemon tea, turmeric, etc.


  • COVID-19 – These remedies will help in preventing the COVID-19 virus as well as a cure in some mild symptoms. Distancing and self-quarantine is the first step if you have COVID-19 symptoms.


Ginger, honey, basil, clove, and lemon (Kaadha) concoction is a very effective remedy for immunity booster and relief.

Turmeric and water concoction is also an effective remedy.

Drinking turmeric milk is also a good immunity booster.

Lots of vitamin C rich fruits are good for COVID-19 self-care.

Indian gooseberry a very vital source of vitamin C should be consumed in any form.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is there any treatment of COVID-19?

Currently, there is no prescribed medicine or vaccine for the treatment of Coronavirus. But different countries are using various techniques and drugs to treat Coronavirus and to increase the immunity of the patient.

  1. Can Coronavirus transmit from one person to another?

Yes, Coronavirus is a viral disease that can transmit from one person to another from various mediums. The mediums can be air or touching any infected surfaces. You need to maintain strict social distancing and wear a mask to save yourself from COVID-19.


  1. Can Coronavirus be treated at home?

We recommend you to consult a doctor and get your test done if you have symptoms like Coronavirus. The doctor will diagnose your symptoms and let you know if you need home quarantine or treatment at the hospital.


  1. Can the COVID-19 virus spread through food?

COVID-19 virus is mostly spread from person to person through respiratory droplets. No evidence of transmission from food is yet found.


  1. Are smokers at higher risk of getting infected by COVID-19?

YES. Smoking directly affects the respiratory system of a person and makes the person more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. Lungs of regular smokers are weak and easily affected by the virus.

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How to improve the immunity of the body? What are the best ways to increase immunity? And many more such questions cross our minds regularly. At the time of global pandemic when everyone is concerned about finding ways to boost immunity, here we are presenting our readers the best and easiest ways to boost immunity.

Boosting immunity might sound very alluring but it is not so easy to achieve. Why? Because immunity is not a single entity to work on. It is a system comprising of many factors, which require balance and proper functioning among each other. So, to boost your immunity the very first change you can do is adapt the easiest changes in your lifestyle and switch to a healthy and nutrient-rich diet. At B Lal Pharmacy, we have curated a list of some of the best ways that help in increasing immunity. Have a read and try to adapt some in your lifestyle.


Best and easiest ways to boost immunity

  1. Compensate for what is the deficit.

Every human body is different in its ability to treat and process the nutrients and vitamins of the body. There are always cases of deficiency of some of the other vitamins and micronutrients. Micronutrients and vitamin supplements can increase and restore your immunity to a notch. The immune system requires many components to function properly and antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients play a particular function so a deficiency of one will affect your immune system.

Adding supplements and changing eating habits by including vitamins rich food will cover your requirements.

Important vitamins to our immune system are A, B2, B6, C, D, E, Elderberry, and Echinacea.

P.S. – after age 30, supplements should generally be included by everyone accordingly on a regular basis.


  1. Sleeping it off

Yes, sleep is a very important factor in the immune system. Like every other system of our body, maintenance and the recovery period is very important for the immune system as well. Inadequate amount of sleep causes disrupt in the body’s natural clock and affect other mechanisms which are firewall to our body. Disproportionate or bizarre sleep patterns also confuse the body clock about how to perform, which makes us more susceptible to sickness.

If you find trouble with sleeping you should monitor your screen usage before bed as blue light affects the natural sleep cycle of the body. If the issue still persists seek clinical help.

Proper sleep will leave you fresh, energized, and active.

  1. Exercises and activity level

Low physical activity can make your system drowsy too. Moderate physical activity of any sort can suffice your body’s need for movement and help in the regeneration of immune cells, metabolism, and release of toxins.

Moderate walking, cycling, swimming are some of the basic exercises everyone should do.


  1. Include Whole plant foods in the diet.

Fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, etc are rich in antioxidants and fights harmful pathogens. These whole foods help with inflammation and help in fighting off free radicals.

Chronic inflammation can be the cause of arthritis, headaches, chronic pain, etc. The fiber in plants increases the good bacteria in our bodies.

  1. Taking Probiotic supplement and fermented foods.

Fermented foods are a natural source of probiotics, which will populate our digestive tract.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that are an important part of the digestive system as well as the immune system.

These good bacteria help our immune system against harmful invader organisms. Probiotics are excellent in combating common sickness like cold, viral infections, coughs, etc.

Natural sources of probiotics can also be included in your diets like yogurt and buttermilk, vegetable juices, tofu, etc.

In addition to natural sources, probiotic supplements can also be taken.

  1. Natural remedies and foods

We all know that Indian Ayurveda has been treating various diseases and illnesses from all-natural remedies and herbal plants and concoctions. Some very basic remedies can be prepared at home in our kitchens. Most of the Indian spices are very effective in boosting immunity power. Many fruit seeds are also very effective in immunity booster like black grapes. Bitter gourd and Gourd (Loki) is very effective in stabilizing diabetes.

Turmeric-  The golden cure for almost every illness. A very high immunity booster.

Ginger- cures cold, flu, and cough

Tulsi- very rich in antibacterial properties

Cloves – have anti-inflammatory properties.

Garlic- contains antimicrobial properties.

Ground spices- boosts metabolism

Onions- protect from heatstroke in summers.

All these homemade remedies to boost immunity are very effective and also helps in curing the common illness.

  1. Keep stress away

You might think stress is mentally exhausting so it might not have much to do with the physical immunity power. But as mentioned before immunity is a system and it works along with other systems in the body. Reports show that people who are stressed are more susceptible to common illness and have a low defense against foreign invading viruses.

You can run a hot bath before bed to relieve stress.

Drinking warm green tea or chamomile tea will also boost immunity and give better sleep.

Yoga and meditation are also a very effective stress reliever.

Practicing a choice of activity that relaxes you will improve your mood and release good hormones.

Multivitamins are those promising ingredients that our body requires to function in the best possible way. Multivitamins are basically minerals and vitamins. Our body’s capacity to function is generally dependent on them. Even the growth and development of the human body are reliant on multivitamins. So imagine how the deficiency of any of these Vitamins or Minerals can adversely affect our health system.

Many of us think that we are getting an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals from our daily diet. But in reality, our day to day diet is not sufficient to supply enough doses of vitamins to our body. And inefficiency of these vitamins can cause many life-threatening diseases.

How can you save yourself from these diseases? What changes in your diet you should do? What are the ways to provide a sufficient amount of vitamins in the body? The answer to all these questions is only one thing – Multivitamin Tablets.

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What are Multivitamin tablets?

 Multivitamins are a combination of various minerals and vitamins. The vitamins are extracted from natural sources. Multivitamin tablets are used to provide and fulfill the vitamin requirement of our body which we can’t get from the daily diet. These tablets provide the vitamins to the body in the “easy to digest state” for better and faster absorption.


You might wonder whether these multivitamin tablets actually work or not?

To your surprise, yes Multivitamins tablets are one of the most widely used supplements across the world. These supplements are consumed quite commonly and their popularity has increased even more in the past years.

Our body requires 13 vitamins and 16 minerals at least to function properly. So, multivitamin tablets purchased from a reputed pharmacy would definitely be good enough to aid the important nutrient benefits to your body. These tablets are believed to improve human health, helps in boosting immunity, compensate for poor dietary nutrients, and also helps in increasing your memory.

Composition of Multivitamin Tablets?

For the proper functioning of the human body 13 vitamins and a minimum of 16 minerals are required. These vitamins and minerals help your body in various processes such as maintenance, growth, enzyme reactions, and regulation of all the processes in the body.

Multivitamin Tablets contain all these necessary vitamins and minerals. Different tablets have varying amounts and forms of vitamins in them. They offer these necessary items simple and easy to absorb form. These tablets also contain other ingredients such as amino acids, herbs, and fatty acids.

Do you need Multivitamins?

For all those people who are at the risk of nutrient deficiency or for those who cannot adapt a well-maintained diet should definitely take the proper dosage of multivitamin tablets to avoid deficiency risks.


Benefits of Multivitamin Tablets


  1. Good For Heart– The vitamins B1, K1, B6, Niacin (B3), B2, magnesium, and CoQ10 play a very important role in maintaining cardiovascular health. Deficiency of these vitamins can lead to chronic heart disease. Taking high-quality multivitamin tablets you can easily fulfill the requirement of these vitamins and reduce the risk of diseases.
  2. Healthy Hair and Skin– Research has proven that consuming multivitamins on a daily basis can improve your hair and skin health. Because these tablets contain all the ingredients that are necessary for your body. The vitamins that they contain are Biotin, B3, Vitamin C, A, E, and CoQ10.
  3. Minerals for charging your body- Multivitamin tablets that are rich in minerals such as zinc, iron, potassium, manganese, copper, magnesium, chromium, iodine, etc can really act as a turbocharger for your body. It can help in strengthening your bones, improvement of blood circulation helps in blood clotting, and also aids in reproductive health. It also helps in maintaining the rhythm of your heart, blood pressure, and blood sugar level.
  4. Improves Eye Health- With the increasing digitalization, our on-screen time has increased many folds leading to decreasing eye health. Multivitamins that contain a combination of lutein, vitamins and Zeaxanthin can protect our eyes from harmful light rays. And also, vitamins A, B3, C, E, and selenium supports better eye health.
  5. Strengthens Immunity– Vitamins are solely responsible for maintaining good immunity in the human body. The tablets which contain Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E can boost and strengthen your immune system.
  6. Keeps away stress and anxiety- Multivitamins can significantly help you in reducing your stress levels. The vitamin B taken through multivitamin tablets would help in keeping your energy high and would keep you relaxed and calm in the time of stressful situations.

From where should you buy Multivitamins?

There are many things that you should consider while buying multivitamins. You should check the ingredients of the tablets, their dosage, synthetic or organic composition, and importantly the authenticity of the tablet.

To buy the best and genuine multivitamin tablets you can consult Dr. B Lal Pharmacy. We deal in high quality, authentic, and organic multivitamin tablets. We have tablets for all your needs.

Aarogya Setu App: Introduction to India’s COVID-19 Tracker

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that technology plays a significant role in the fight against coronavirus. Many countries have done very innovative inventions to combat with coronavirus. In that order, India has also launched its COVID-19 tracker, the Aarogya Setu app.

Aarogya Setu App launched by the Government of India is a multifunctional app. The purpose of Aarogya Setu is to track the contact history of any coronavirus positive patients. It helps the government to easily track people with whom the patient has met.

How does the Aarogya Setu app work?

When you start the Aarogya Setu app you are asked to register on the app with your mobile number. The same mobile number is also taken when you opt for a corona test at any government-approved facility. If you are tested positive for coronavirus then the government automatically acquires your travel history from the Aarogya Setu app.

To use Aarogya Setu, you must keep your phone location and Bluetooth enabled. This helps the app to collect all your location history. And all the people you have met with, who have Aarogya Setu app installed.

But the government will only take your data if you are found positive else the data is only stored on your phone and is 100% secure.

Aarogya Setu privacy issues

Many sources and hackers have claimed that the Aarogya Setu app contains some privacy issues leading to leakage of data. But the government of India has answered all the questions and allegations regarding privacy issues of the app.

And we assure you that the Aarogya Setu app is completely secure. Your data is completely safe, there are no privacy issues with the Aarogya Setu app.

Setup Aarogya Setu app

1. Download the app from the play store or Apple app store.

2. Then run the app and allow all the required permissions.

3. Register with your mobile number and enter the OTP received through the message on your phone.

4. Select gender from the given options.

5. Enter all your details asked in the app like full name, age, and profession.

6. You will be inquired about your foreign travel history for the last 30 days. If yes your data will be matched with the positive ones in the ICMR database.

7. You will be asked if you want to volunteer if needed in the future. If you answer yes a self-assessment test will run.

Features of Aarogya Setu app

The Aarogya Setu app comes with a package of features and tools that are very useful for the user and government to combat the coronavirus. The features are

  • Self-Assessment– In this, you will be asked questions about your current health status. Like whether you are feeling cough, fever, or difficulty in breathing. Based on your input the app will suggest you measure to self-diagnose and if required it would ask you for a test.
  • User Status– This feature tells you about your current risk of getting infected by a coronavirus. It tells you about the total people infected with coronavirus in a particular radius. You can also see the number of people using this app in your area.

The most important function of the app is that, if you come in contact with any COVID-19 positive patient in the last few days, the app will automatically turn orange. It will give you the risk warning based on your travel history. This will help you and the government to stop the further spread of coronavirus.

  • COVID-19 Updates– You will get all the local and national COVID-19 updates in the app easily. These updates are authentic and issued by the government.
  • E-pass Integration– If you have applied for any e-pass for movement in restricted areas. The pass will show up in the Aarogya Setu app. You can easily show this pass to anywhere required, it is completely valid.

Achievements of the Aarogya Setu app

Aarogya Setu app recorded five million downloads within three days of its launch, which is highest for any government app. And currently, it has crossed 100+ million downloads alone on the Google play store. The NITI Aayog officials told that the app has helped in identifying more than 3000 hotspots all over the country.

Is the Aarogya Setu app mandatory?

Currently, the government has not issued any guidelines regarding the compulsion to install the Aarogya Setu app for every smartphone user. But some people should mandatorily install this app.

  • People working in government offices should review their status in the app before starting for office.
  • People living in coronavirus containment zones have to install this app.
  • The government recommended every traveler, using any forms of public transport to install this app.

We recommend you to install the Aarogya Setu app for the safety of you and your family. Also, check out our COVID-19 Suraksha kit for 100% protection from the coronavirus. Stay tuned to Dr. B. Lal Pharmacy.

India is slowly opening up after 4 continuous lockdowns. And in that order, public transport services like air, train and bus travel is also allowed. But keep in mind, it is just the country reopening but COVID-19 has yet not escaped our lives. The number of corona virus-infected cases in India is increasing exponentially day by day and it is becoming more horrifying.

To save travelers from coronavirus during travel government has pushed out guidelines related to travel. These guidelines are to stop the transmission of the coronavirus during the usage of public transport facilities.


Do not fear the situation, just fight it with precautions.

Although, after the unlock everything is getting back to its normal. With the public transports getting started and offices getting back to normal, we now need to step out of our homes. But the fear of getting infected by the disease is still lurking in our minds. We will come in contact with a number of people while traveling in public transport. But we need not worry. We can take a little more safety measures to avoid getting infected by Coronavirus. After all, getting in contact with many people can act as a carrier of the disease. So it’s better to follow some government guidelines while you are traveling in public transport.


Guidelines for Air, Train or Bus travel during Corona Virus Period

Stopping the disease to spread any further is the responsibility of each of India’s citizens. The GOI has issued some guidelines for all modes of public transport. Following these guidelines, you can safeguard yourself from corona and stop the transmission chain of the virus. The guidelines are as follows-


  1. Social Distancing– The only weapon in the fight against the coronavirus is social or physical distancing. The government and WHO are constantly trying to make people aware of social distancing. According to the government guidelines, the seats in any public transport medium can’t be filled to 100% capacity.

At least the middle seats in an aircraft, train, or bus must remain vacant to maintain social distance between the passengers. Also, you need to ensure social distancing and follow the rules on an airport or railway station while boarding in. To be safe maintain at least 6 feet distance from everyone.

  1. Cover your face with a mask or shield– Covering your face with a mask or shield is the best way to safeguard yourself from the virus particles, traveling in the air if someone sneezes in front of you. Also, it stops you from touching your face and eyes, which plays a significant role in terminating the transmission. A shield is optional, but it provides extra safety. The best facemask for outdoor protection is the 6-layer mask, which you can buy on Dr. B. Lal pharmacy.
  2. Clean Up Thoroughly- There are chances that you can take the virus home with you on your clothes, bags, or any other accessories. To eliminate the virus particles, you are required to take a bath and wash all your clothes in detergent. But you can’t wash each of your accessories like a phone and laptop. So to clean the accessories, you can use our Pee Safe surface cleaner to remove the risk of coronavirus on your mobile and laptop.  
  3. Hand Sanitization- Hand hygienic is the most important thing at the current time. There have been multiple reports that the virus can stay alive for more than 48 hours on various surfaces. And if you touch these surfaces and then touch your hands to your mouth or eyes, you are likely to get infected.

For this problem, the GOI has recommended everyone to wash their hands with water and soap or sanitize their hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer. But it is not possible to carry soap everywhere you go. In that case, sanitizer is the only thing to take care of hand hygiene.

Sanitization is the must after you have touched any frequently contacted surfaces or before consuming any eatables outside the home. According to GOI all railway stations and airports will be stocked up with sanitizer. But it is recommended to carry your hand sanitizer. You can find the best hand sanitizer at the government fixed price on our website.

  1. Screening- There are complete facilities for the screening of all the passengers before the travel starts so that no infected person can travel and spread the coronavirus chain.


All the above-mentioned guidelines should be strictly followed to ensure yours as well as other safety. We are providing a coronavirus protection kit which includes masks, hand sanitizer, and surface disinfectant at the lowest price. You can use this kit to ensure your safety while you are traveling during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. This kit is a must for travel during the coronavirus.

Unlock 1.0 & So on –  safety tips to keep your guard up.

The restrictions of lockdown are now eased in many states of India. The government has issued Unlock 1.0 from June and many cities would get back to normalcy after nearly 2.5 months of lockdown. Workplaces are open, people are stepping out of their homes, public transport is back, and almost everything is operational once again.

But no to forget, it’s just unlocked for the country. We can step out and restrictions are lifted just to normalize the economy. Corona Virus has still not left us. The COVID infected cases are still rising exponentially in the country which isn’t normal. Anybody can get infected by the virus as we will come in contact with many people.

The government has already made each one of the citizens aware of how dangerous the virus can be. Now it is completely our responsibility to keep ourselves protected from the virus. We all love our family and closed ones and we need to stay safe for them. Just by following some safety tips, we can do it out a bit.


Safety tips to follow


  1. Maintain good hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is the key to remain safe during this Corona hit times. One of the few measures which have helped and are effective to avoid COVID-19 virus is maintaining hygiene and will continue to do so. As we all will be stepping out from the safety of our homes it is crucial that we upgrade our hygiene rituals. Maintaining hygiene will help in avoiding not only COVID-19 but other diseases like diarrhea, flu, infections, etc.

These measures will help you maintain your hygiene:-

  • Always keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you.
  • After touching common places like door handles, common machines in your workplace, tabletops, other’s stationery, taps, cash, fingerprint scanners, etc use a hand sanitizer.
  • Do not share lunch or water bottles with others.
  • Use your own cutlery for the time being.
  • Sanitize your electronics frequently.
  • The first thing to do once you return home takes a shower and wash off your clothes.


  1. Follow Social distancing

Social distancing is the strongest ammunition against COVID-19. Social distancing in the present time is a social etiquette that is crucial to follow. Follow social distancing everywhere; at your office, in meetings, during shopping, in queues, in public transport.

  • Avoid any type of contact greeting.
  • Do not talk to others within close proximity.
  • Work and eat at your own station.
  • Do not gather for drinks or chats.
  • Talk to others with a safe distance of 6 feet between.
  • While shopping groceries stand away from the counter and other customers.
  • Try to work from home if possible.
  • Opt for video meetings over personal meetings.
  • Visit public places only under dire necessity.


  1. Protection gear.

It is now very important that we all deck ourselves up in necessary protection when in the company.

Masks are a very crucial part of the safety gear for Covid-19. Wearing a triple layer mask as suggested by WHO will save us from all the unwanted bacteria to infiltrate us. It also protects from the transmission of bacteria between peers.

Face cover is really efficient in filtering the air and stoping you from contacting your face. It would be advised to use it if your work demands to stay out more or the company of others.

A toilet seat sanitizer or seat cover will also be helpful if you travel long distances or long shifts.

Using disposable gloves is also highly recommended especially if you travel by public transport.

Disposable tissue papers should be used when you are out of your house.

You can get a COVID-19 Suraksha Kit in Our Official Page that has all the safety equipment you would need handy when you step out of your home. It would be easy and safe if you carry your own protection kit according to your requirements.

  1. Boost your immunity

Records prove that people with strong immunity have a better chance to survive and avoid the COVID-19 virus from attacking their system. Try to consume immunity increasing drinks and foods and avoid foods that weaken your immunity.

Eating out would be lethal at this stage.

Also, take immediate medication even with slight cold or flu before your immune system is attacked.

Some edibles easy available in your house to improve your immunity is-

  • Tulsi or basil
  • Haldi or Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Citrusy fruits
  • Cloves
  • Black pepper
  • cinnamon
  • Neem leaves

Popular immunity booster Chavyanprash can also be used as it contains all the necessary ingredients.

  1. Go virtual, go digital

Try to avoid physical interactions until it is too important. Virtual calls and meetings are a safe communication method. The use of cash currency should also be need-based. The use of digital transactions and payment methods should be made a habit. Also, minimum use of paper will reduce the level of contact of the same commodity used by many people. Most of the work should be done and shared digitally.