Allergies? Common Cold? Flu? Or COVID-19? : Symptoms and FAQs

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The COVID-19 cases are increasing at an exponential rate all around the world. But the main issue is the identification of COVID-19. The symptoms of Coronavirus are yet not diversified and are very familiar to normal cough and fever.

And now that monsoon is spreading its wings in India, diseases like cold, fever, and cough will become very common. So how to differentiate in common cold, flu, and Coronavirus? We have made a complete guide using which you can easily identify that if you have COVID or flu.


Key Differences Between Coronavirus and Common Cold

The common cold is an acute and treatable disease that mostly occurs with changing weather conditions. Its symptom involves body ache, tiredness, sneezing, cough, and running nose.

On the other hand, COVID-19 is a serious disease that directly attacks our respiratory system and can even cause death. The symptoms of COVID-19 are fatigue, tastelessness, difficulty in breathing, inability to distinguish smells, chest pain, dry cough, and face color turns blue.


Key Difference Between Coronavirus and Flu

Flu is an influenza virus that can travel from one person to another through the air. It affects both upper respiratory and lower respiratory system of the human body. Symptoms of Flu are headache, tiredness, body pain, and cough. The similarity between COVID-19 and Flu is very high. Both of these diseases can transmit from one person to another, and the symptoms are also similar. The only symptom that differs Coronavirus from flu is the difficulty of breathing that only occurs in Coronavirus.


Key Difference Between Coronavirus and Allergies


Allergies are another very common that can show you symptoms like COVID-19. The most common symptoms of allergy are running nose, itchiness, and sneezing.

These symptoms are very similar to Coronavirus, but allergies can’t cause fever to your body. That helps you to differentiate allergies from Coronavirus.


Symptomatic Breakdown of Various Diseases


Disease Mild Symptoms Severe Symptoms
Allergies 1.Running Nose

2.Itchy, watery and red eyes


1.Shortness of Breath


3.Body Ache

Common Cold & Cough 1.Runny Nose

2.Mild Headache



1.High Fever



Flu 1.Body ache

2.Mild headache


4.Low-Grade Fever

1.Sore Throat


3.Runny Nose

COVID-19 1.Fatigue and body pain

2.Sore Throat


4.Dry Cough

1.Shortness of Breath

2.Very High Fever

3.Shaking and Chills

4.Lost Ability to Taste and Smell


6.Inability to move




How does the Covid-19 virus spread?


COVID-19 spreads generally through respiratory droplets shared between an infected and healthy person. Respiratory droplets land in the mouth or can be inhaled from the people nearby. Close contact with people can also be the cause of spread. Touching possible surfaces where respiratory droplets are likely to land from people like door handles, taps, common commodities, etc. So, sanitizing and distancing are recommended.

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Remedies of various diseases


Taking precautions and using remedies for prevention and cure of cold, cough, flu, allergies, and COVID-19 can be helpful. You can cure some common illnesses with easily available home remedies.


  • Flu At the first symptom of flu following remedies should be used.

Consume a lot of fluids.

Give rest to the body by sleeping it off.

Green leafy vegetables should be eaten.

Fruits rich in Vitamin C should be eaten.

Easily digested meals should be taken.


  • Allergies Eating some foods can cause relief in allergies like onions, garlic, tomatoes, lemon tea, turmeric, etc.


  • COVID-19 – These remedies will help in preventing the COVID-19 virus as well as a cure in some mild symptoms. Distancing and self-quarantine is the first step if you have COVID-19 symptoms.


Ginger, honey, basil, clove, and lemon (Kaadha) concoction is a very effective remedy for immunity booster and relief.

Turmeric and water concoction is also an effective remedy.

Drinking turmeric milk is also a good immunity booster.

Lots of vitamin C rich fruits are good for COVID-19 self-care.

Indian gooseberry a very vital source of vitamin C should be consumed in any form.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is there any treatment of COVID-19?

Currently, there is no prescribed medicine or vaccine for the treatment of Coronavirus. But different countries are using various techniques and drugs to treat Coronavirus and to increase the immunity of the patient.

  1. Can Coronavirus transmit from one person to another?

Yes, Coronavirus is a viral disease that can transmit from one person to another from various mediums. The mediums can be air or touching any infected surfaces. You need to maintain strict social distancing and wear a mask to save yourself from COVID-19.


  1. Can Coronavirus be treated at home?

We recommend you to consult a doctor and get your test done if you have symptoms like Coronavirus. The doctor will diagnose your symptoms and let you know if you need home quarantine or treatment at the hospital.


  1. Can the COVID-19 virus spread through food?

COVID-19 virus is mostly spread from person to person through respiratory droplets. No evidence of transmission from food is yet found.


  1. Are smokers at higher risk of getting infected by COVID-19?

YES. Smoking directly affects the respiratory system of a person and makes the person more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. Lungs of regular smokers are weak and easily affected by the virus.

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