A Solid Dietary Changes To Beat Diabetes

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Type Diabetes is when your body gets resistant to Insulin, and causes less release of Insulin by our body. This is causes leads to a high level of glucose especially during the early morning. Some of the common symptoms of type 2 diabetes are frequent urination, increased thirst, increased hunger, blurred vision, fatigue, weight loss, and wounds that do not heal. 

Although it is believed that type 2 diabetes cannot be completely cured but a few studies prove that it can be reversed with the proper lifestyle and dietary changes. With a proper diet change and adopting a healthy lifestyle, you can definitely get back to your normal Glucose levels.

Many studies have found that the fastest surge in diabetes in the largest chunk of patients is mostly due to Obesity, it is also known as Diabesity (diabetes combined with obesity). The problem has bloomed due to people’s obsession with eating low-fat food that leads to over-consumption and eventually obesity.

That extra weight one carries in his/her belly becomes the major cause of Type 2 Diabetes because of which the cells become resistant to insulin effect on blood sugar.

Here we have listed some of the major Dietary Changes that you can make to Beat Diabetes:

Include High Fiber food: Including high fiber food in your diet can make good changes to your blood sugar level. Try to indulge yourself in having whole-grain bread and cereals instead of binging on Maida bread. Have brown rice or quinoa instead of white rice, have 100% whole wheat food, include oats, corns, and cornmeal in your diet.

Increase consumption of Low Glycemic Index Foods like Green Leafy vegetables or any other vegetable that is non-starchy like broccoli, carrots, or cauliflower. Generally, processed foods contain High GI (Glycemic Index) which is also high in flour and white sugar.

The major question is are lemons good for Diabetic patients? The answer would be a big yes as lemon contains a low glycemic index and are also helpful in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Include fresh fruits in your diet like apples, oranges, pear, and berries.

Try to limit the consumption of junk and fast foods as they are the major sources of trans fats and refined carbohydrates getting inside your body. The fast-food is also loaded with sodium that is not good for people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes as it increases your body weight and also adversely affects your heart.

To help yourself in avoiding fast food you can plan healthy meals that are Diabetes friendly. You can snack on fresh fruits, nuts, and yogurt.

Avoid fried foods like French Fries, Fried Chicken, Breaded Fish, or Chicken Nuggets.

Include the following in your diet: Beans, Citrus Fruits, Nuts, Lean Meat, Low-Fat dairy products, Fish, Berries, Sweet Potatoes.

Try to fill your appetite and hunger pangs with a plate full of salad include cucumber, tomato, carrot, broccoli.

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Some of the tips you can include in your lifestyle to Beat Diabetes:

Stand Up Every Hour:

Make sure that you are standing up every hour even if you are at the office. Especially people working 8 hours a day need to understand that sitting for such a long duration increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by almost 90%.

Don’t Get Tempted by Diabetic Chocolate:

Do not involve yourself in being dependent on diabetic chocolate thinking that it wouldn’t harm you. Because it might contain sweeteners that may cause a laxative effect. Instead, just have 1 or 2 cubes of dark chocolate to satiate your sweet cravings. Read more at official page

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