5 Things to Avoid that Reduce Immune System

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With the corona virus pandemic and other infections spreading at such a fast pace, we really need some full-proof lifestyle activities to keep ourselves at bay from these hazardous diseases. You don’t just need to take medicines to avoid health problems, but you need to strengthen your immune system to fight against these diseases. Washing hands, getting a good-night sleep, including a healthy diet, and getting vaccinated are some of the ways you can deploy to boost your immunity.

In our regular lifestyle, we may not even realize that there are some things we are doing wrong and that is not merely bad habits but they are affecting our immune system. How you manage stress, your lifestyle, your diet, etc all these things affect the immune system. These are some of the things to avoid in lifestyle to strengthen your immune system.

Things to avoid that can reduce your immune system:

  1. Smoking:


We have heard it all time that smoking is injurious to health, it is because you inhale 7000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, the addictive Nicotine present in tobacco makes them become habitual of it. Tobacco contains 70 cancer-causing chemicals which are enough to understand how dangerous it is to smoke and how badly it can affect your body. Smoking also results in 90% of lung cancer, in short, it can badly affect your immunity as it causes many diseases easily and weakens your health.

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  1. Unhealthy Diet and Poor Eating:


Our immune system somehow depends on what we eat, for instance over consumption of some food such as sugar, red meat, low fiber food, saturated fat can affect our immune system as they cause inflammation which further result in health issues. Excess consumption of sugar restraints the cells of the immune system that fight against the bacteria. Therefore you must eat food that boosts your immune system and avoid all those junks and unnecessary items that can weaken your immunity. Fresh fruits and vegetables can help you build immunity.

  1. Stress and Anxiety:


Stress, anxiety has become part of everybody’s life, no one is left untouched of it, a person can suffer from acute to chronic stress. For instance, a person may suffer from anxiety he/she goes for a job interview. Anxiety and stress can cause several issues in your body,  an anxious person may get fast breathing and increased heart rate, which helps to make you prepare for adverse condition but if this happens repeatedly the human body stop getting signal to come back to normal functioning. And this can weaken your immunity, which makes you vulnerable to illness and other viral infections. You cannot eliminate stress from your life but you can definitely find ways to manage it properly.

You can try some ways like:

  • Start meditation
  • Slow down the fast pacing life and just take a few breaks
  • Connect with your loved ones
  • Exercise regularly
  1. Alcohol Consumption:


Some of you may are not aware that alcohol can harm and even damage your immune system. It escalates the risk of fatal illness like pneumonia. Alcohol directly indirectly weakens the immune system, when a person consumes too much alcohol then his/her digestive system works poorly. It damages the epithelial cells which are present in the intestine making it tough to absorb nutrients. It also distorts the gut barrier by which more bacteria can pass into the blood. Bacteria cause inflammation and can cause damage to the liver. Therefore to keep yourself far from unnecessary health issues and weak immune systems, consume alcohol in a limit.

  1. Poor Sleep Cycle:

You must have noticed, when you are short of sleep, you feel lethargic. Your body tends to not function properly and you are more likely to get infected with seasonal diseases. It is all due to the disturbed sleep cycle. You are advised to rest after taking medicine because medicines affect better when your brain has had proper rest. Not getting enough sleep may also lead to inflammation. So having a good sleep is often advised to stay healthier and stronger.

Don’t wait for the disease to come around. You have hopefully got the idea why should you avoid things to maintain your immunity. Stay tuned to the blog for more health tips & information. If you want quick take a look at the official page, click here.

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