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10 Proven Ways to Boost Your Immunity

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How to improve the immunity of the body? What are the best ways to increase immunity? And many more such questions cross our minds regularly. At the time of global pandemic when everyone is concerned about finding ways to boost immunity, here we are presenting our readers the best and easiest ways to boost immunity.

Boosting immunity might sound very alluring but it is not so easy to achieve. Why? Because immunity is not a single entity to work on. It is a system comprising of many factors, which require balance and proper functioning among each other. So, to boost your immunity the very first change you can do is adapt the easiest changes in your lifestyle and switch to a healthy and nutrient-rich diet. At B Lal Pharmacy, we have curated a list of some of the best ways that help in increasing immunity. Have a read and try to adapt some in your lifestyle.


Best and easiest ways to boost immunity

  1. Compensate for what is the deficit.

Every human body is different in its ability to treat and process the nutrients and vitamins of the body. There are always cases of deficiency of some of the other vitamins and micronutrients. Micronutrients and vitamin supplements can increase and restore your immunity to a notch. The immune system requires many components to function properly and antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients play a particular function so a deficiency of one will affect your immune system.

Adding supplements and changing eating habits by including vitamins rich food will cover your requirements.

Important vitamins to our immune system are A, B2, B6, C, D, E, Elderberry, and Echinacea.

P.S. – after age 30, supplements should generally be included by everyone accordingly on a regular basis.


  1. Sleeping it off

Yes, sleep is a very important factor in the immune system. Like every other system of our body, maintenance and the recovery period is very important for the immune system as well. Inadequate amount of sleep causes disrupt in the body’s natural clock and affect other mechanisms which are firewall to our body. Disproportionate or bizarre sleep patterns also confuse the body clock about how to perform, which makes us more susceptible to sickness.

If you find trouble with sleeping you should monitor your screen usage before bed as blue light affects the natural sleep cycle of the body. If the issue still persists seek clinical help.

Proper sleep will leave you fresh, energized, and active.

  1. Exercises and activity level

Low physical activity can make your system drowsy too. Moderate physical activity of any sort can suffice your body’s need for movement and help in the regeneration of immune cells, metabolism, and release of toxins.

Moderate walking, cycling, swimming are some of the basic exercises everyone should do.


  1. Include Whole plant foods in the diet.

Fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, etc are rich in antioxidants and fights harmful pathogens. These whole foods help with inflammation and help in fighting off free radicals.

Chronic inflammation can be the cause of arthritis, headaches, chronic pain, etc. The fiber in plants increases the good bacteria in our bodies.

  1. Taking Probiotic supplement and fermented foods.

Fermented foods are a natural source of probiotics, which will populate our digestive tract.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that are an important part of the digestive system as well as the immune system.

These good bacteria help our immune system against harmful invader organisms. Probiotics are excellent in combating common sickness like cold, viral infections, coughs, etc.

Natural sources of probiotics can also be included in your diets like yogurt and buttermilk, vegetable juices, tofu, etc.

In addition to natural sources, probiotic supplements can also be taken.

  1. Natural remedies and foods

We all know that Indian Ayurveda has been treating various diseases and illnesses from all-natural remedies and herbal plants and concoctions. Some very basic remedies can be prepared at home in our kitchens. Most of the Indian spices are very effective in boosting immunity power. Many fruit seeds are also very effective in immunity booster like black grapes. Bitter gourd and Gourd (Loki) is very effective in stabilizing diabetes.

Turmeric-  The golden cure for almost every illness. A very high immunity booster.

Ginger- cures cold, flu, and cough

Tulsi- very rich in antibacterial properties

Cloves – have anti-inflammatory properties.

Garlic- contains antimicrobial properties.

Ground spices- boosts metabolism

Onions- protect from heatstroke in summers.

All these homemade remedies to boost immunity are very effective and also helps in curing the common illness.

  1. Keep stress away

You might think stress is mentally exhausting so it might not have much to do with the physical immunity power. But as mentioned before immunity is a system and it works along with other systems in the body. Reports show that people who are stressed are more susceptible to common illness and have a low defense against foreign invading viruses.

You can run a hot bath before bed to relieve stress.

Drinking warm green tea or chamomile tea will also boost immunity and give better sleep.

Yoga and meditation are also a very effective stress reliever.

Practicing a choice of activity that relaxes you will improve your mood and release good hormones.

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